People say, maturity is the time (which is widely considered as after 18) when the person is able to take the right decisions, take care of herself/himself, sort out things and knows what is right and what is wrong. Well, is it just age that decides the maturity of a person? How a person after 18 can suddenly come to know what is right and what is wong, how can the person take right decisions just because the person has crossed 18.

I think, maturity comes with the experiences that the life gives us. The situations that we face and the way we cope up with it or see others doing it the right way. Children are usually kept away from any sort of problems or troubling situations which actually do not let them learn anything in their life. 

Maturity is not about being an adult, it is about how you find an easy way to see the complicated scenes, how you apply your common sense at the right time, how you always find a way to sort things out. Maturity plays a vital role in relationships as well. If you are matured enough you can easily handle any kind of relationships. One person should know when to react, when not to react, what to say, what not to say, and the word sorry should never ever vanish from one’s dictionary. Matured people know the value of relationships and always try to give their best to uphold their relationships forever and on this basis, I think many so called matured people are still unmatured. Ain’t they?

Nowadays, small children know much more things that are might not known by their parents too. But, most of the things that they know is not obviously in a positive aspect. They end up ruining their minds into all wrong things. Parents should spend as much as their time with their kids. They should tell them their childhood stories, the problems they faced then and how did they managed with it. Children can really get to learn many valuable lessons from their parent’s experiences. There should be no boundation between a parent and a child. They should be friends. When there will be a friendship between parents and kids, children will share everything about their life without any hesitation and there, parents can guide them the right path. Parents should always make them aware about the problems that they might face in their lives and how to cope up with them. Children should be taught, how difficult it is to earn and how easy it is to spend. They should be taught how valuable relationships are, and how to preserve them for a lifetime. Most importantly boys since childhood should be taught, how to respect women.

And by the time children will reach 20,21 age, they would be actually matured enough to be called as matured adults. All it needs is, start teaching them since childhood and not just wait for them to be adults. (ruined adults!)


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