India, the country which lies in the southern part of the asian continent with the world’s second largest population. It’s a very diverse country, it’s home to at least 9 recognised religions and 29 different languages are spoken here. But, today I am not going to talk in the praise of india rather i would like to talk about the present scenario of the country.


On 16th december 2012, a 23-year old girl when travelling to home in a private bus with her friend was gangraped by the driver and conductor of the bus and their fellow mates, who were pretending to be passengers. The girl was not only gangraped by the six culprits but was beaten and tortured mercilessly. In that six culprits there was a 17-year old minor who is told to been put a rusted iron rod inside the victim’s intimate area which resulted in the coming out of the victim’s intestine.

One of the offenders committed suicide in his cell and the other four offenders were sentenced to death. The main convict who had put the iron rod inside the victim’s intimate area was only sentenced for a maximum of three years of imprisonment as he was below 18 years during conducting that crime. That means there is a second chance given to the minors of this country conducting such dreadful crime. Even, the name of the teenager offender was not disclosed to prevent any harm to his so called identity which could create problems in his future. Is this law not encouraging the minors to get involved in such crimes?

And here’s what one of the convicts has to say–


In Uttar Pradesh a woman was gangraped in her village and after a year of the incident she has been facing acid attacks. She was forcefully made to drink the acid when she was travelling in a train and again while coming out of her hostel she had acid thrown on her. Uttar Pradesh government has given her compensation (which is not going to give a bit of relaxation to the victim. I mean how can you give some money as compensation and take no severe action against the assailants. Getting her culprits severe judgement would be the best compensation that the government could give her).

No humanity is left in people nowadays. Females are seen as sex objects and are treated as toys. Females of any age are a sufferer of some or the other violence. They don’t possess any value in the society and if they stand for themselves they have to face the so called society which always points the female to be wrong. And also, how can I forget the most important thing they need to face that is, revenge. Revenge that the culprits will surely take if the victim opens her mouth against them and tries to punish them.

Recently, a 7-year old girl was kidnapped,raped and strangled to death in Pakistan. Reports also says that she was sodomised before choking to death. She was found lying dead in a garbage bin five days after her missing. The most horrible thing is, before her, already 11 cases of the same nature were reported near her native in the past year. But the police had not taken any strict action and the result is in front of us. Pakistan also don’t have any child protection law till now, as their government never thought it to be an important issue. As per reports, everyday at least 11 children are sexually abused in Pakistan. In 2015 a gang had kidnapped many teenage boys, molested and filmed them. They used to blackmail the families of the boys using those video clips. The Government started an investigation, ordered inquiries and arrested them too! but only to release them.

Body of the child being taken to bury–


What is the mindset of such people doing such miserable things? What they think? What they want? How even they conduct such offense? AND When is this going to stop?



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