Let’s be friends…

Friendship, a  wonderful experience we all come across at some stage of our life.

The connection (I don’t know what type of connection) between two persons with which you feel connected instantly as if you know that person since birth makes your way to the joyful experience of friendship. People have lots and lots of friends nowadays, something like FB friends,INSTA friends,Whastsapp friends and whatnot but in your bad times are these friends of yours gonna come and stand by you. I wonder NO! These friends are useful just for your bluster. And I don’t know why but I’ve seen people feeling gratified that they have so many social media friends (the friends that are of no use). After our parents and school, friends are the one who teach us some most essential aspects of life. Friends teach us the meaning of care,sharing,understanding,unity,compromise and of course love. In our bad times just by standing by us they give us so much of strength to face the problem.They will never tell you, you are the best rather they will keep on saying, ‘you can be better’. This “can be better” thing when makes us actually the best, we don’t even come to know. And as the saying goes ‘good friends will never let you do stupid things alone’ they will of course first won’t let you do that, if you don’t follow they will jump into that stupid thing to give you company. They are our confidence raisers that thing ‘you can do it’ actually works as magic for me. I don’t know from which corner of the universe I get my self confidence back. Having parents as friends is the best thing of course but at some stage of our life we cannot share everything to our parents. We need someone to whom we can speak our heart out. We don’t really have to rethink again and again before telling them our secrets. After our parents they are the ones who tell us the do’s and don’ts of our life (I do that with my friends) we may not listen to our parents but we cannot ignore our friends. Parents don’t stay with us the whole time eventually, they don’t get to know how we actually are(as we all end up pretending something else in front of our parents),what are we actually going through. But our friends are the ones with whom we are the maximum times and so they know our goods and bads as well. ‘Friends can make you or can destroy you’ the choice is ours, to whom we have to be friends with. Selecting good friends is a very important part of our life, it has a very great impact on our life. I would like to share something about my experiences. So,when I was back in school my best friend when came to know that i hadn’t completed my homework he was awake till late at night to finish my homework. He have always helped me in studies and in things apart studies. He scolds me when I do wrong but never forgets to praise me when I do the right. In my bad and good times he was standing by me then,he is standing by me now,and he will stand by me forever. That’s what I think friendship is about,never forgetting each other till the last breathe. I am really blessed to have a buddy like him in my life on whom I can trust blindly. 

 ‘Good friends make you come out with your best and bad friends make you come out with your worst’.

*Do share your friendship stories with me.                                                                                       Always awaiting.                                                                                                                          #spreadlove


9 thoughts on “Let’s be friends…

  1. What you say is true – but – it is not always the person you instantly bond with and become BFF’s with who is really a good friend. There is another one – the one you instantly do NOT bond with. The one you don’t want to be around because they instantly irritate you. What is it that makes us instantly bond and not instantly bond? There is a reason for everything. We bring people into our life for a reason. All of them. Taking the time to understand why you feel the way you do and why this person is the way they are, you will commonalities. When you build on that you may find this person to be a very good friend. If we are friends only with those we bond with and feel we have known forever you might miss out knowing someone you really do know for the rest of your life.

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    • But we don’t always bring people into our life, Sometime’s everything happens on its own. Maybe that’s destiny that make us meet that person. When you meet a person for the first time and you like the person’s way of talking, behaviour, nature and if you even share your interests that’s when you feel that instant bond, you feel attracted to that person and in no time you may not know but that person would have become a very important part of your life and yes in this case you won’t get time to think when,why and how?
      Thank you for your comment!


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