Though India is having intelligent brains but it’s the misfortune that it is not being recognized till date.Countries like America,China,etc are very technical based they don’t fully focus on academics but have much more scopes for talents.In India the first and the most important thing is academics.It doesn’t matter if you can build a whole new thing yourself or paint like an artist,parents and society consider it as a passion which can be fulfilled afterwards and here they make the blunder.Not every child is a scholar but every child has an own talent and I personally think talent can give you more money and more satisfaction in your life than anything else.If parents start encouraging their children towards their talent it is the next best step towards the country’s development.India needs young mind,young talent which can give India what it deserves.Here talent gets very limited recognition.Students show their innovative ideas in science fairs get prizes and to the most they get published in newspapers mostly highlighting their school name giving publicity to the school and that’s it,people forget them after a couple of days.So how even our country is benefited by such talents?

Today money is the goal but money is the hurdle too! People having talent without money is like going to the shopping mall without money.Therefore government should start an initiative in which a program should be held in every state in every six months to find such talents,such ideas which will be helpful to the nation.The participation should be made free with no age bar and the selection should be very fair without considering financial status or social recognition of the participant,the whole process should be transparent enough so that no person will be unsatisfied with the results.The selected person should be given a chance to showcase their idea in front of the Prime Minister and if the PM really finds the idea helpful for the nation the PM should make efforts to act towards that idea in the best possible way.If talented brains across India come together it’s beyond our imagination what they can do for the nation.Due to lack of scopes talented students are moving abroad,working in Multinational Companies and giving the companies tremendous success then why not give opportunities to the people in the country and develop the country itself.Parents and society should now start encouraging children towards their talents as well and not only consider academics as the only primary part.If a child is good at playing guitar or debate let him/her become a guitarist or debater surely he/she will be more successful in it and most importantly the child will be happy doing the job he/she loves the most.



  1. You are right. I am a musician and a writer. Playing piano since I was a child. So many parents want their children to be successful when they grow up and push them into professions that pay well, or some takes a job they hate because it pays well. When you spend so much of your life doing something you don’t like it wastes too many years of your life. Yes, it is harder sometimes to make a lot of money doing what you want but your life is happier because you learned to express your talents. which is more important? Money or happiness? Money won’t make you happy.

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