What do we want in our life? Is it-

  • Happiness
  • Money
  • A perfect life partner

So now, which one do you think is the most important one in our life? Before that, I would like to explain what these things actually mean.

  • HAPPINESS- When you know you are the reason behind everyone’s smile, that is happiness. When you help your wife doing small small things, that is happiness. When you make your kids ride on your back, that is happiness. The feeling of satisfaction, is happiness. To have your food together with your family, is happiness.
  • MONEY- This can give you all the luxuries you ever wanted in your life. You can fulfill all your expensive dreams. But, the happiness you get from this, is not long lived.
  • A PERFECT LIFE PARTNER- This person is your backbone. Always supports you, makes your life much, much more easier, sorts out all your problems, helps you in your decisions, advices you, cares for you, makes your life very calm and settled and loves you unconditionally. 

Now, as you know about all the three things you need in your life, can you now choose any one most important from these? 

I think it’s difficult, because all these three things are actually, interlinked with each other. Like, you cannot be always happy without having at least the needed amount of money. But, also you cannot be happy by only having lots and lots of money. But again, you cannot be happy if you have a perfect life partner but no money to at least feed that person.

Marked the word I used over and over?  HAPPY. Yes, the main motto of our life is to be happy. So, what are we doing to fulfill our life’s motto? 

We spent half of our life running after money, another half of our life we spent quarrelling and fighting, even with the person we love the most, and the remaining we spent stroking our ego and attitude. 

We should understand what it actually needs to be happy. It’s of course not only money, but lots of other precious things, the small little things that we ignore while focusing on the big ones. Those little things, that we ignore, actually hold the most valuable part of our life.

If we are into quarrelling and fights, then it is our responsibility to keep it in a balanced state. It shouldn’t be like 80% quarrelling and 20% love. It should be 50% love and 50% quarrelling (equal equal). But in my case what I prefer is, 20% quarrelling and infinity% of love (hehe). 

Stop running after money. We don’t realise what we leave behind, while focusing on those rectangle shaped papers (popularly known as money). Your loved ones don’t need only your money, what they need more is, you, your love, your care, your time for them. Don’t be the person, who would be years after lying on the death bed, alone (with no loved ones standing by the side) repenting, that ‘I’ve only earned lots and lots of money in my whole life but nothing else.

Try to be the reason behind everyone’s smile, that’s truly the biggest achievement you can get in your life. If you can’t be the reason behind someone’s smile then at least don’t be the reason behind someone’s tears.